From small towns to big cities and everywhere in between, air connectivity opens the doors to tourism, business, and cultural exchange. In Bentonville, we are taking that connectivity to the next level. Imagine the convenience of flying your plane into a private airport, walking into a first-class aviation facility while being just minutes away from experiencing everything exceptional our community has to offer? That moment has arrived!

Thaden in Spring

Thaden Field VBT (KVBT)

Thaden Field takes its name from the famed Arkansas-born pilot Louise Thaden, operating as the only municipal, private jet airport in Northwest Arkansas that will land you minutes away from beautiful downtown Bentonville.

In addition to operating as an airport, the Thaden Fieldhouse provides visitors and local residents so much more for a tourism experience: 

  • A flight school
  • An exhibition hanger
  • Scenic flights
  • Canoe rentals for Lake Bentonville, located right on the Thaden Fieldhouse grounds
  • Fishing at lake Bentonville
  • Plane rentals (with checkout)
  • Courtesy car
  • A full service, all-day menu at café Louise
  • Exhibit hangar 

Thaden Facts

  • Fuel: 100LL and Jet A
  • Parking: Hangars and tie-downs (no parking or tie-down fees)
  • Runway edge lights: medium intensity
  • Airport use: Open to the public
  • OZ1 Flying Club- Focused on reducing the cost of flying for everyone

Osage Park 

Osage Park

Osage Park is currently in development and will feature the following amenities: 

  • 55 acres park
  • Aviation-themed playground
  • Picnic area
  • Hammock yard
  • music venue
  • Multi-purpose lawns 
  • A pavilion with restrooms 
  • A dog play area

Sugar Creek (RHI) 

Sugar Creek has a grass strip that requires approval. There is camping available 4 NM North East of Thaden Field. For more information on Sugar Creek, click here

Oz1 Flying Club

Focused on reducing the cost of flying for everyone. We’re a thriving community of aviators who are passionate about creating unique experiences for pilots and enthusiasts alike.


Fly Oz


Formed as a way of connecting a network of rural grass runways in the state,

Fly Oz is a grassroots effort turning Arkansas into a destination for backcountry

pilots with a taste for beauty, and a need for new experiences at the controls.