Bentonville Arts & Culture

Bentonville is a paradise for art lovers. Our city is steeped in culture and creativity, offering a wealth of art exhibitions and shows to explore.

In Bentonville, art meets you where you are - hiking in the woods, biking through a park, or enjoying a drink at a bar. It's woven into everyday life in a way that anyone can appreciate. As the massive neon sign scrawled across The Momentary proclaims: You Belong Here." - Lisa Cericola, Southern Living

From world-class art museums to captivating street murals, Bentonville invites you to immerse yourself in a world of arts and culture. Plus, you can easily access these treasures by bike or on foot, thanks to our extensive 70 miles of bicycle trails. Come and experience the vibrant heart of Bentonville's artistic scenes today. 

Check out our Public Art Map to find the art around you!