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Bentonville is positioned to provide your event with a wide range of services.


Services Offered


Venue Logistics
     Assist with Scouting potential locations for your event/tournament.
Vendor Assistance
     Connect with organizer with potential sponsors and service partners.
Hotel Accommodations
     Arrange hotel needs including;
           securing host hotel, comp policy implementation, site tours of facilities, etc.
Housing Bureau
     Free service provided by the CVB for lodging events;
     A link will be supplied to customized housing web page allows teams to book directly.
Publicity and Promotion
     CVB will work with local and regional media to market your event.
Bid Process
     Work closely with organizers to complete bid process quickly so the planning may commence.
Welcome Services
     Registration assistance
     Information table at tournament/event to assist visitors with maps, general information, etc.
Tourism Incentive Form
     The Bentonville CVB maintains a funding incentive program.
     The funds may be used to help offset some event expenses.
     Restrictions Apply. 

Luke Charpentier

Sports Sales Manager


Phone: 479-271-9153 - 479-877-9279479-271-9153 - 479-877-9279

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