Trash Shake Me Up

Written by Cara Cox

“Ice cream with attitude!” Lana Russell describes Trash Creamery. This is not your normal ice cream shop. Welcome to dessert 2.0. Trash Creamery calls themselves a 1980s-themed shop with righteously rad ice cream, and we're not disagreeing. Here you will find flavors and mixtures you have never thought would be good as ice cream. 

The Shake Me Up is made with Rice Krispies, Kit Kats, Nutter Butters, coffee powder and vanilla ice cream and blended perfectly together, making a one-of-a-kind flavor! Watch how the Shake Me Up is made here!

Trash Creamery outdoors  Trash Creamery logo

Dine at any awesome restaurant on or around the square, then take a short walk over to Trash Creamery, located just south of the square. This is dessert you won’t regret.