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There's something truly special about enjoying a leisurely meal outdoors, surrounded by nature's beauty, and in Bentonville, we’ve got a lot of options for you to choose from. So, we’ve created a guide for you to enjoy our wonderful landscape and to-go food options to soak in the sunlight. 
Check out Bentonville Parks and Recreation’s website to stay informed on field and park closures.

Picnic Spots

Image courtesy of the Momentary

The Momentary Green 

The expansive green space at the Momentary is an ideal destination for a picnic. Park your blanket in the sun or beneath a tree, and enjoy the room to run and play or stroll and see the artwork installed along the trails. 
The best part, grab food next door at 8th Street Market or the Market District so it’s still warm!
Image courtesy of Drager Creative

Bentonville Square 

There’s nothing like sitting on Bentonville Square enjoying the noises of our town and meeting new friends. Whether you’re with your family or by yourself, grab your favorite treat and claim a spot! 
Check out our Dining Guide to find the closest restaurants near The Square!

Osage Park

Like many parks in Bentonville, Osage Park has a beautifully designed pavilion where you can sit at a table and enjoy some shade. Other options across the park include the greenspace alongside Lake Bentonville. Pro tip: you can watch the wildlife of the wetland and aircraft taking off and landing from Thaden Field.
Image courtesy of Bentonville Parks and Recreation

Park Springs Park

For the folks that want to escape to nature and feel miles away from a city—this is your pick—but it’s right in the heart of town. Additionally, there is a large covered pavilion with a fireplace and picnic tables if you’re hosting an event!

TIP: Check Bentonville Parks and Recreation’s website to stay informed on field and park closures.
Image courtesy of Bentonville Parks and Recreation

Orchards Park

Whether you find shade under one of the many orchard trees or soak up the sun by the water, Orchards Park is a prime location for a picnic.
"Orchards Park was designed as a premier passive park with walking paths, beautifully landscaped areas, a pavilion, water feature, and amphitheater." Bentonville Parks and Recreation
Image courtesy of Drager Creative

Crystal Bridges Nature + Trails

There are several different trails to go down at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. From art, natural springs, picnic tables, and open green areas, we know you’ll find the perfect spot for you. 

Learn more about the grounds or download their trail resources here.


Picnic Food


Crepes Paulette

These Crepes are the perfect packaged meal for those on the go. Plus, you can get savory and sweet options all in one place. 

Yeyo’s | Downtown Food Truck or 8th Street Market

Get street tacos, a bowl, or anything your heart desires! Yeyo’s is another local favorite that will get your taste buds dancing while also offering an easy-to-go option. 

Two Friends Bookstore + Cafe

This bookstore + cafe is a great option for grab-and-go lovers! They keep a regular stock of sandwiches in the fridge ready to tag along on your picnic. Don’t forget to grab a book while you’re inside to read too! 

MELD kitchen + sandwich bar

A great choice for those trying to please a picky group. MELD has a ton of different meals to choose from including soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, tacos, light bites, and more! 


For sushi lovers—Bentoville is by Michelin-starred chefs from Japan and is serving grab-and-go bento boxes out of ONYX Downtown. Be sure to order your box in advance here

Snack Lab

If you’re looking for a healthy option, Snack Lab has got you covered. From smoothies, bowls, snacks, and more, you won’t be disappointed.

Number one rule for picnickers:

LEAVE NO TRACE! Pack out everything you pack in, including food waste and trash. Don't leave any litter behind, and try to leave the picnic area cleaner than you found it.