Comanche artist J. NiCole Hatfield completed a mural honoring indigenous Americans on the exterior North wall of Museum of Native American History, 202 SW O St. in Bentonville, Arkansas. The mural features Osage prima ballerina Maria Tallchief; Chief Joseph from the Nez Perce; and "Indigenous Goddess #9" in honor of all Native women. "Indigenous Goddess #9" is the image selected for MONAH's Native American Cultural Celebration: Tradition through Pop Culture, which is set for Oct. 4-6.

Written by Cara Cox

Pull your bucket list out because the Museum of Native American History is one to add! MONAH was voted top 10 history museums by USA Today, and you don’t want to miss it!

MONAH’s mission is to showcase the diversity of cultures and artistry of the first People of all the Americas through our art collection through five periods of history from Paleo through the European influence. It is important that they weave the past with present day indigenous cultural leaders making history today through our programming, and onward to educate and inspire future generations through our family of presenters to honor and build upon traditional knowledge. The museum houses 10,000 of the finest Native American artifacts. 

Thinking about visiting? Join us at MONAH on November 13 for the “Hear Our Voices” event with Geri Keams. On November 27, learn the Cherokee language with Lawrence Panther.

Charolette Buchanan-Yale, museum director, tells us “Bentonville is a special place that welcomes diversity, and with over 574 federally-recognized indigenous Nations, not to mention indigenous people from South America, Canada and the Antille Islands, there is a lot to learn. We hope a visit to MONAH plants seeds to listen, be open, curious, and travel well.”

Click here for more information about the Museum of Native American History. Book your next trip to Bentonville, AR and visit The Museum of Native American History!