See You in Bentonville

Hey Austin, you're one quick flight away from an unforgettable summer adventure

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Bentonville and Allegiant Air see Arkansas in your future. This summer, direct flights starting at $45 from Austin lead to enriching experiences in Bentonville. With Friday and Monday flights, plan an extended weekend or an epic workweek getaway, and you’ll soon see that the Ozark Mountains’ hills and valleys create the perfect backdrop for mountain bikers and art lovers.

Hit the OZ Trails

From big climbs and bumpy descents to jumps and tricks on breakaway single-track, the mountain bike trails of Northwest Arkansas offer thrilling rides for all skill levels. Area outfitters are standing by to get your crew equipped with bikes and gear for the ultimate outdoor adventure this summer.

Find trailheads from beginner to expert within one block of the city square. The Slaughter Pen trail head has clearly marked rides for all levels, from flowy single-track to steep, technical climbs. Set off on a family ride on the All American Trail, a popular introduction to mountain biking that sticks close to civilization. Or commit to a full-day ride and access the Back 40 loop off of Slaughter Pen.

Thrill seekers head to Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, located just a 5-minute ride from downtown. Coler is the only Mountain Biking Preserve on the planet, and its natural drops and jumps add the adrenaline boost experienced cyclists seek. Man-made obstacles invite riders to push their limits in this outdoor playground.

Art, Art Everywhere

Bentonville’s public art program features 100 sculptures and installations that pop up along trails, on the sides of buildings, and in some surprising places. Like everything in Bentonville today, a prevailing bike theme surfaces in the city’s public art.

While exploring Bentonville on two wheels, look for the massive Bike Towers that pop up along the Razorback Greenway and other multi-use trails in town. Each a mangled stack of discarded bike frames, the bases have working tire pumps. Also stop for selfies with Sassy the Sasquatch and Monarch & Dandelion, impressive works made from discarded bike parts.

You don’t need two wheels or four wheels to immerse yourself in art. A stroll around downtown Bentonville leads to colorful murals, neon art and sculptures around every corner. Explore parks and gardens within walking distance of downtown for even more discoveries.

Take Time to Mingle

The beauty of the area’s natural surroundings and nostalgia of the town square hit an authentic chord inside everyone who visits. The proximity of galleries, museums, and entertainment spaces throughout town makes a casual stroll the preferred way to get around town.

Art and nature merge at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, an architectural wonder tucked into a natural ravine. Go with the flow on a network of trails to encounter monumental sculptures and step inside for a tour of American art. Another Bentonville point of pride, The Momentary anchors the 8th Street Market District, where cafe culture and performance art create a steady buzz. The contemporary space hosts everything from culinary competitions to jam bands.

All around town, find vibrant places to soak in the Bentonville vibe. Linger over conversations fueled by coffee, savor New South cuisine at fun local eateries, and hang out after dark with craft brews and signature sounds. Head this way and you’ll soon discover a getaway to Bentonville hits all of the senses.