Visit Bentonville, the tourism and promotion bureau of Bentonville, Arkansas, anticipates a continued growth trend in tourism to the area, as tax collections indicate a record-breaking tourism and dining economy for the city.

Bentonville Advertising & Promotion tax collections surpassed $3.5 million in 2022, marking a 29% increase over 2021 and a 25% increase over 2019 collections—previously a record high. A&P collections consist of a 2% tax on hotel, lodging, and meeting venues, as well as a 1% tax on prepared foods, serving as a key indicator for tourism activity.

Hotel collections showed a marked increase, 37% higher than 2021, and there was an 11% increase on collections from restaurants.  A&P tax collections fund Bentonville’s advertising campaigns, capital projects with key city partners, and the operational costs of Visit Bentonville.

“We’re so excited to see this continued growth in our tourism industry,” stated Alison Nation, vice president of communications and marketing. “Visit Bentonville is poised to continue its positive trajectory in driving tourism, enhancing the local economy and elevating the town’s overall appeal.”

Throughout its history, Visit Bentonville has earned an excellent track record of partnering with city leaders with meaningful contributions that have strengthened the city’s attractiveness to tourists, while also improving the quality of life in the community.

“We’re seeing the impact of our investments in the community through our tourism dollars,” said Kalene Griffith, president and CEO. “At the same time, we reinvest that money into making Bentonville even better.”

For example, Visit Bentonville has in recent years secured $1.8 million in capital investments for sports and recreational improvements and developments, and an annual average of 60 sporting events brought to Bentonville result in a direct economic impact of more than $8 million. The visitors' bureau has also supported Downtown Bentonville Inc. totaling over half a million dollars in the past 20 years, invested $1.4 million in Lawrence Plaza as a year-round attraction for families, and proved its commitment to establishing Bentonville as a top-tier public arts city by supporting arts ventures, amplifying cultural offerings, and through a direct investment of $200,000.

Recognizing the immense growth potential, Visit Bentonville remains committed to supporting unique programming and enhancing the town's amenities for residents and visitors alike. Over the past year, Visit Bentonville reinvented itself, adding new leadership and recently launching a marketing campaign reintroducing the role of the organization and the value of tourism.

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