Did you know that Bentonville, Arkansas, has a lot of cool music venues and vibes? Although we don't currently have live music in our city due to COVID-19, we want to celebrate International Music Day 2020 by sharing the Top 5 Bentonville, Arkansas Music Attractions. We look forward to having live music again in the near future!

Haxton Booth

Haxton Road Studios - For more than a decade, Haxton Road Studios has collaborated with artists and businesses all over the world to create professional content. Located in the heart of Northwest Arkansas in Downtown Bentonville, Haxton hosts a world-class facility, top industry recording gear, vintage instruments, and a team of experts that bring professional results to any recording project. In addition, check out the vintage phone booth out front! A great "selfie spot" while in town!


House of Songs Exterior

The House of Songs, Northwest Arkansas - Celebrating its 10th year in 2019/2020, The House of Songs is a 501(c)3 that invites songwriters from around the world to Bentonville, Arkansas, to share the universal language of music in collaborations designed to bridge cultures, build friendships and cultivate peace. Some of the phenonminal musicians and bands that have come through the House include the Black Pumas and Jenee Fleenor. Located between the downtown square and the Momentary  the House of Songs national headquarters is hosted in a dreamy Victorian home that is a short walk to some of the cities most unexpectedly diverse outdoor spaces, art galleries, and museums. 



The Momentary - Performing arts span a wide range of live and experiential media, including amazing music at the Momentary! Recent music acts include FM Belfast, Courtney Barnett, and Keir GoGwilt. You'll have to visit this amazing attraction to see and hear for yourself! In the meantime, are you looking for some new music or a thoughtfully curated playlist? Check out the Momentary’s profile on Spotify, featuring new playlists by featured artists and the Momentary programming team. These playlists―or as we like to call them, mixtapes―feature artists who showcase the types of voices, genres, and musical styles you might hear at the Momentary along with some well-known classics and fresh cuts.



Meteor Guitar Gallery - Located right off the downtown square, the Meteor is a restored hundred-year-old movie theater turned into an awesome guitar store with over a thousand instruments and amplifiers. You'll also find one of a kind art pieces from many local artists in one of the most relaxed live music and event venues in town!  

Block Street Records

Block Street Records - Every city needs a cool record store, and Bentonville, Arkansas, is no exception. Located off the downtown square, right behind Onyx Coffee  Block Street is a locally owned & operated independent record store specializing in new and vintage vinyl, CDs, tapes, posters, memorabilia, hi-fi gear, and more. Grab a coffee and check out the amazing selection!