"While 2019 was certainly a landmark year for gravel with loads of new bike launches, big event turnouts and pros leaving the tour for the “supple life”, 2020 is set to be an interesting year for our beloved sport. Events have always been at the heart of gravel, giving riders unique challenges along with the strong community aspects we all love. These so-called “grinders" also give brands direction as they inspire new and more capable equipment for the demanding roads ahead. For better or worse, racing tends to highly influence and further fragment the bikes and cultures of each respective cycling discipline, and we expect gravel to follow suit. With that being said, we sifted through them all to bring you our top 12 most influential gravel events of 2020. In chronological order, these events spread the calendar from March to October 2020. And if you’re lucky, you may find one that still has a few spots left to register."

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