There's so much in Bentonville, AR, to be excited about in 2020! From art and culture to cycling, food, and festivals, you'll want to start planning your calendar of events today.   

One of the most anticipated 2020 events is the February 22, 2020 grand opening of the Momentary, a new contemporary visual and performing arts space that's associated with the already spectacular Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  From galleries, theaters, and concert spaces to a festival stage and tower bar - we can't wait to experience it all!

Momentary Podcast

So what is the Momentary?  To find out more, we recently set down with Pia Agrawal, Curator of Performing Arts, and Emily Neuman, Public Relations Manager, as part of our New American Town podcast. During the conversation, they shared how the Momentary will bring today's visual, performing, and culinary arts into a creative, communal space in Bentonville, AR, in a way that welcomes everyone  - and the admission is free!  Take a listen!


A Few 2020 Momentary Events

- February 22 - 23              Time Being                         

- February 22 - May 24     State of the Art 2020         

- April 24 - April 25             FreshGrass l Bentonville