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One of the things we love about our Bentonville mountain bike community is its inclusiveness. That's why we join cyclists from around the world in celebrating International Ride MTB Day 2020 (#RIDEMTBDAY)! 

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#RIDEMTBDAY doesn't belong to one person or a single group. If you are a mountain biker at any skill level, whether it's a beginner or advanced, this day belongs to you! As the MTB Capital of the World, our city encourages all mountain bikers and outdoor adventures to get out and ride our Northwest Arkansas trails. Please share your experiences with us on social media while discovering some new technical features, or just revisiting some of the old classics we love. Check out all the cool public art along the way! And once you're done, grab a meal or a beer at one of our fantastic Bentonville restaurants or breweries. And as always, remember to be safe both on and off the trails! 


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