There’s no lunch spot that says ‘Bentonville’ more than Crepes Paulette. First popping up on the town square as a food truck in 2010 and then moving to a brick and mortar in 2016, Crepes Paulette is a quirky town staple offering sweet and savory handheld (you guessed it) crêpes.

Crepes Paulette Logo

Exterior of Crepes Paulette’s main entrance. Photo by Emily Neuman for Visit Bentonville


Crepes Paulette Menu 

Crepe Paulette Menu
The menu at Crêpes Paulette. Photo by Emily Neuman for Visit Bentonville

Crepes Paulette is my go-to when I’m looking for something more unique than the traditional sandwich or salad for lunch, as well as when I have friends or family in town. It’s always a crowd pleaser because not only is it unique, but they have a ton of options for all ages and even the pickiest of eaters (view menu here).


Know Before You Go

Here are some tips and details you should keep in mind:

  • Location: Located at the corner of S Main Street and 8th Street (see map here).

  • Parking: It’s free and located in front of the main entrance. There are several free spots next door at Hero’s Coffee and other nearby businesses as well. Biking? A bike rack is located near the front entrance. 

  • Reservations: Reservations are not needed (nor available) at Crepes Paulette. Do be prepared to wait in line for a bit as it tends to be a busy place on the regular. 

  • Hours: Open 10am to 7pm Monday - Friday and 9am to 4pm Saturday - Sunday. 

  • Dining Area: A very relaxed environment that includes an array of seating options from tables and booths, to high-tops and bar. Outdoor seating is available. 

  • Pick Up/To-Go: Yes! Order your crêpes online here and skip the line. 


Savory Crêpe Option 

Crepe Paullette Food Images

From right to left: La K-U-A-F with feta, baby tomatoes, basil pesto, egg, and chicken. La Strawberry Cheesecake with butter, sugar, house cream cheese filling, and fresh strawberries.
Photos by Emily Neuman for Visit Bentonville


The most popular savory crêpe is La Thai, a buckwheat crêpe with chicken, Paulette’s peanut sauce, chopped cabbage, fresh cilantro and egg. It also comes in a veggie and vegan option. And for sweet, anything with strawberries is a winner. 

In addition to the fan favorites, I highly recommend my two most recent crêpes: La K-U-A-F (savory) and La Strawberry Cheesecake (sweet). La K-U-A-F is a buckwheat crêpe with feta, baby tomatoes, basil pesto, egg, and chicken. La Strawberry Cheesecake is a light and fluffy crêpe with butter, sugar, house cream cheese filling, and fresh, thinly sliced strawberries. Both crêpes were easy to eat with the yummy filling evenly distributed. And no, getting two crêpes is not too much. It’s a must!



Emily is all about travel, wine, art, and food. She has lived in Northwest Arkansas for over 12 years, and has a bachelor's degree in hospitality management and a master's degree in communications. When not exploring Northwest Arkansas, you can find her traveling to some of her favorite spots around the world and discovering new ones. 



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