The cherry on top to a blissful day of touring Bentonville? Catching a remarkable sunset, of course! With so many unique locations, watching the beautiful colors of the sky fade into the night in our city is unlike any other. Read on to discover some of the most picturesque sunset viewing spots in town.
Alexa, play “Wide Open Spaces,” by The Chicks. Osage Park includes a boardwalk through 12 acres of wetland and many wide open spaces for soaking in a sensational sunset. Throughout the park, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fascinating wildlife and plants. Other additives to the park include an archery range, playground, a dog park, pickleball courts, public art, and food trucks. Bring your friends, family, or pets, and enjoy a relaxing evening with a great view of the sky. 
Located along Crystal Bridges Museum’s Art Trail, “Skyspace,” by James Turrell features lighting effects at dawn and dusk that make the color of the sky appear to change before the viewer’s eyes! This is a can’t-miss Bentonville experience The colorful lighting effects happen about 30 minutes before sunrise and 10 minutes before sunset. Stop in and see it for free.
In the “mountain biking capital of the world” you best believe we have a favorite bikeable sunset viewing spot! Ledger Bentonville is the first-ever bikeable building and includes six stories of switchbacks leading to a stunning view of Downtown Bentonville. Grab a buddy and a bike and watch the colorful evening sky stretch over our charming city. 
Located at the top of the Momentary, the Tower Bar is placed above most of its surroundings so it is a really clear area for sunset-watching or to enjoy some of your time on the weekend. This is a great place to hang out with friends. The sky looks wonderful from way up there! Even better, you can make an evening out of it and enjoy the art galleries until 6pm weekdays 8pm weekends! 
Enjoy sunset views from the clouds at the Momentary’s Tower Bar, the tallest rooftop bar in Arkansas!
Enjoy some dinner on the patio or ice cream from the Spark Truck while you watch the sunset on the Bentonville Square. There are many great outdoor places for you to go and relax as the day ends including an exciting event we have every month, our Bentonville First Friday! Here you’ll find food trucks, live music, lots of friends and fun! First Friday goes all the way through September and is a great way to spend time outside and witness the beautiful sunset.