Danica and Friends

I recently traveled from Bellingham, WA, to Bentonville, AR, to experience the trails in Northwest Arkansas. After three years of riding to my credit, I had to see what all the talk was about! What I found was a fun-filled adventure with many great moments. To start, I was able to access the trails right off the city square, which was unique and cool. One of my favorites was riding both the Slaughter Pen and Coler Park zones. The trails consisted of everything from skinnies to rock gardens, and even big girl drops! One trail that really distinguished itself from the others was the asphalt downhill track in the Slaughter Pen area. It was a flow trail that had an asphalt-like compound on it, which made it a fast and smooth track. I had never ridden anything quite like it! 

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Not only were Bentonville’s trails a treat, but the food scene and experience off the trail was also top-notch! One place that hit the spot for me was The Buttered Biscuit. I remember having the most delightful corned beef skillet that fueled my bike ride for the rest of the day. 

Overall, Bentonville has some great places to eat and kept me entertained on and off my bike. The only problem - it was so much fun I never wanted to get off my bike! I hope everyone will come to visit this fantastic city. I can’t wait to get back soon! - Danica Fife 

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