After two years in the making, Bentonville, AR just might become the home of the official Guinness world record for the longest ramp to dirt mountain bike jump - ever! 

Kody Clark, a native of Seattle, WA, a sponsored downhill mountain bike racer, and former professional motocross competitor, plans to break the Guinness world record for longest power-assisted ramp jump by bicycle in Bentonville this June 2022. The current Guinness World Record website lists the longest jump at 116 feet, 11 inches. Kody intends to achieve at least 120 feet - or more!

With the help and support of Hellion Bikes, a local Bentonville bike company that recently relocated from Washington state, as well as a team of Northwest Arkansas bike professionals, Kody is ready to make the BIG JUMP!

Kody recently joined us in the studio, along with two of his team members, Britten Geary and Christian Dipietrantonio, to share a behind-the-scenes peek - and tell us why Bentonville, AR was the only place for breaking the major Guinness world record!  

Kody also gives a shout-out to his new friends at the Bike Inn Bentonville, who are providing lodging to Kody while he's in town, as well as the Bentonville Bike Fest, which he'll be attending this year. 

Listen to the full interview HERE on A New American Town podcast!