Big Sugar

Photo: Big Sugar Gravel

Written by Stevie Emmons

Visit Bentonville is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s LIFETIME Big Sugar Gravel Race, held on Saturday, October 23. After starting at 7 a.m. at the Momentary, participants will race a 100-mile (Big Sugar) or 50-mile (Lil Sugar) gravel course with stunning views along the way. The event will be a true test of racers’ endurance and self-sufficiency as support outside of official stops on the course is extremely limited. Racers will be expected to carry spare equipment, tools, clothing, food, and water to successfully finish the race within the time parameters. 

Gravel is quickly becoming a popular sector of bicycle racing. In a Red Bull article, gravel racer Colin Strickland describes gravel racing as “a blend between mountain biking and road biking, borrowing different characteristics of each to find a middle ground.” Terrain in Northwest Arkansas and southern Missouri make for the perfect gravel racing routes for Big Sugar and Lil Sugar. If you like bicycle racing but aren’t participating in this event, volunteers are needed

Visit Bentonville welcomes racers and their families to Bentonville for this epic race. While you’re in Bentonville, we encourage you to enjoy the culinaryart, and other experiences in town.