The culture of art is one of the many assets that make Bentonville, Arkansas, so unique. In recent years the growth and development of art museums, public art, and attractions have exponentially increased as the city has developed into an art and cycling destination for tourists from around the world.

CB, Momentary, Amazeum

In 2020, the art community in Bentonville faced unique challenges as they have adapted to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Always creative and always inspiring, attractions like Crystal Bridges, the Momentary and the Amazeum have found new ways to engage with their community and international audience.

One example is Crystal Bridges, who are providing online experiences that allow people to discover and interact with art from their museum through their website. They have created a Crystal Bridges 360 Tour that allows visitors to take a virtual tour of the entire museum from front to back. This type of immersive option for art lovers everywhere is just one example of how the Bentonville art community continues to showcase themselves as a premier art destination

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