Bentoville is bringing a fresh take (literally) on Japanese cuisine to Northwest Arkansas. And yes, that’s not a typo, their name is Bentoville, not Bentonville. Think Bento-ville. Get it? 

Image: Bentoville logo inside Food Concert dinner experience at Brightwater. Image courtesy of Emily Neuman


Bentoville is a new dining concept created by Michelin-star chefs from Japan that combines world-class culinary art with fresh ingredients sourced from Northwest Arkansas. They offer two unique experiences: ordering a Bento Box or attending a Food Concert

Tuesday through Saturday, you can enjoy a Bento Box of our choice ranging from fried chicken, fried rice, and beef katsu to sushi and Shojin style tempura with rice and mushrooms for lunch or dinner. A limited number of these boxes are created fresh each day and set for you to pick up to go from Onyx Coffee Lab off the Bentonville Square. Orders can be made online up to a week in advance.

Image left to right: Spring Yakitori Food Concert entrance; seating at Food Concert


Food Concerts are rarer and harder to get into as they sell out fast. You may be wondering what a Food Concert is. A combination of food and music? Not quite. It’s an immersive dinner experience held seasonally where a team of Michelin-starred chefs performs a dazzling presentation of culinary discovery, redefining the art of dinner.

Image: Chefs cooking skewers during the Food Concert. Image courtesy of Emily Neuman

The 2024 Spring Yakitori Food Concert at Brightwater was my first Food Concert experience. The sixteen course tasting menu was a charcoal-grilled chicken skewer feast where each dish was prepared and delivered directly in front of me and the eleven other diners in a surprisingly intimate space. The talented chefs took us on a two hour culinary adventure, showcasing and sharing stories about all they’ve learned in Japan.
Image: 2024 Spring Yakitori Food Concert menu. Image courtesy of Emily Neuman


Each Food Concert Bentoville offers a different menu and theme, often done seasonally. From the Yakitori Food Concert, each small plate and skewer was mouthwatering and showcased the different parts of the chicken nicely. My favorite bites included the Mune Shiozuke with smoked chicken breast (tasted like prosciutto!), Sori with chicken oyster and yuzu kosho, and the Matcha Posset with Ito En matcha custard with Rivercrest Orchard strawberries.

Image: Shokupan with toast, liver pate, and whole grain mustard. Image courtesy of Emily Neuman

Image left to right: Mune Shiozuke with smoked chicken breast; Kawa (chicken skin); Matcha Posset with Ito En matcha custard with Rivercrest Orchard strawberries. Image courtesy of Emily Neuman


So whether you order yourself a Bento Box or join a Food Concert, Bentoville offers delicious and worthwhile experiences in Northwest Arkansas. 


Be sure to follow Bentoville on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest menu changes and Food Concert offerings.


Before your next visit to Bentoville, here are some important deets to keep in mind:

  • Location: Bento Boxes are at Onyx Coffee Lab and the food concerts are typically held at Brightwater. Good news: they are opening at brick-and-mortar next year!! 

  • Parking: It’s free, and there’s plenty (see map here)! Biking? Bike racks located along 8th Street Market.

  • Reservations: Reservations are needed for both the Bento Box and Food concert experience. Reserve your pick up at Onyx online or grab tickets for a Bentoville food concert here. 

  • Delivery: Free delivery is available downtown for the Bento Boxes when you order 10 or more.

  • Hours: Open Tuesday through Saturday at Onyx. The lunch pick up window is from 11:30 am to 1 pm and dinner window is 4:30 to 6:00 pm.

Dining Area: Bento Boxes are meant for grab and go. Food concerts have limited seating.