Article by: Outline Online 

From world-class trails and pristine rivers to vibrant arts and food scenes, there’s something for everyone in Arkansas’s northwest corner

It wasn’t long ago that Arkansas was a blank spot on the U.S. adventure map. But that’s changing—and fast. Trail development is booming: statewide, an astonishing 2.3 miles of new trail has been built every week for years. But that’s just the start. Adventure-focused breweries and hotels are popping up left and right and many of the state’s natural playgrounds are still being discovered. Sound intriguing? Here’s how to explore one of the country’s top adventure hubs.


Bentonville: The New-Mountain Biking Mecca


Riding in Bentonville, one of the coolest new mountain-biking towns in the country, for the first time is a surreal experience. You’ll instantly find yourself whipping down a trail with perfectly spaced rollers, optional jumps, and rock-armored berms—and that’s just the connector, right off Main Street, designed to get you to the main event: Bentonville’s connectivity to 100-plus miles of singletrack, most of which, unlike trails at other destinations, have been sculpted by professional trail builders. But while Bentonville might be best known for its mountain biking, it’s the character, history, and community that make the place truly unique. 

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