ULI NWA Announces the Inaugural ULI NWA Place Summit 2022 and Save the Date (November 15-16th)

The Place Summit aims to become a convergence of inspiration, an incubator of new ideas, and a network for those passionate placemaking individuals striving to create quality place that people want to live, work, play, grow, and learn in.


Northwest Arkansas, July 2022.

Urban Land Institute Northwest Arkansas (ULI NWA), in partnership with The Walton Family Foundation, is proud to announce our much-anticipated Place Summit 2022. The Place Summit—happening November 15-16th, 2022, in Bentonville, AR—is a two-day gathering of urban planning professionals, enthusiasts and advocates aimed at exploring place-based strategies that encourage a unique sense of place vital to staying competitive in the 21st Century.


“Northwest Arkansas has a distinctive sense of place that is on par with any region in the country, and the quality of our built environment is a big reason why. The ULI NWA Place Summit will educate audiences on modern placemaking practices, forge partnerships around common objectives, and inspire the next generation of dynamic, livable landscapes that will keep our region among the most desirable in America.” -Wes Craiglow, ULI NWA Executive Director


What Is It?

The ULI NWA Place Summit is our annual moment to educate, advocate, and partner around the policies and practices setting the conditions for the creation of great places at great volume––in every city, in every neighborhood, for every community, for everyone.

During this two-day event, the agenda format of “Discover, Immerse, Deliver” examines content deliberately, establishes meaningful working relationships among participants, and generates tangible agreements that will drive placemaking decisions throughout our region for years to come.

  • DISCOVER: Learn the emerging trends, policies, and practices that are most impactful throughout our region and beyond.
  • IMMERSE: Collaborate on challenges and opportunities surrounding NWA’s places through participation in diverse, hands-on working groups.
  • DELIVER: Establish partnerships, commit to pursuing shared objectives, and draft action plans that will ensure the highest possible quality of place for the cities and communities of our region.

Why Is It Important?

Place Matters. It is tied not only to where we live, but how we live. Place informs culture, identity, opportunity, relationships, whole health, economies, affordability, mobility, recreation, and so much more. Place surrounds us––it is at once both the setting and the backdrop for a life that we share with a cast of others who impact our stories. As such, place influences our general fulfillment in countless ways every day.

  • The Summit will honor our region’s place and places and celebrate the successes of recent placemaking efforts throughout our cities and communities.
  • The Summit will challenge audiences and participants to consider how current and future built environments can continue delivering on the promise of our region as one of America’s great places.
  • The Summit will allow attendees to better understand, evaluate, plan, and deliver more public and private places that embrace variety and uniqueness, broaden and deepen our already strong sense of place, and represent all residents in affordability, identity, and opportunity.

Who Should Attend?

The summit is open to ULI members and non-members alike who share an interest in the built environment and understand the importance of their role in shaping the future of our cities.

Where Will It Be?

This immersive event will be hosted in the downtown, arts, and market districts of Bentonville, AR.

What’s Next?

Registration opens for ULI Members starting August 10th. Non-Member tickets go on sale August 24th.


For more information on The Place Summit, visit here.



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