Music and Entertainment

The music's already playing. Are ready to turn up the volume?

Bentonville is a young music destination, we are just beginning, we are digging down deep and getting to our roots. Come check out this new vibrant music scene. Have a listen, sing along, Visit Bentonville. 
Meteor Gallery is a restored hundred year old Movie Theater that has been turned into an awesome guitar store with over a thousand instruments and amplifiers, one of a kind art pieces from many local artists and the coolest live music / movie / party venue in town that can accommodate 370 people all located in one awesome place.
Last year, Haxton Studios opened and is using the most advanced, digital equipment like Pro Tools HDX and Universal Audio plug-ins, to a full rack of analog classics, a Solid-State Logic console, and vintage instruments, we are partnering to make music projects a reality.
The House of Song Ozarks has recently established a home in Bentonville Arkansas. The House of Songs mission is to use music as the global handshake. We bring together musicians from all over the world to collaborate, create and to learn from one another. We believe that international collaboration is the driving force for the future. With an ever more connected world through technology there are still boundaries that keep us from collaborating. We use music as the handshake to open the creative door and start conversations.
The former Kraft Plant will be opening in 2020 with an emphasis on interactive arts. It is an innovative visual art exhibition space, performance venues for music, film, and theatre, and multi-disciplinary artists-in-residence program to be housed within a freestanding building in downtown Bentonville.