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Be Safe. Be Smart

We all care about the residents, workers, and visitors of Bentonville, AR. We're asking our residents, businesses, and visitors to join our community by following recommended public health guidelines to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. 



Be Safe

What can you do?


BE SAFE. Social distance, wash your hands and wear a mask in public.

BE SMART. Stay home if you're experiencing symptoms - get tested.


We are providing you with the Bentonville Cares Pledge, a new tool available to communicate a shared commitment to safety, designed in collaboration with our community partners. In just three quick steps, you can support the safety of our community and enhance confidence for visitors:


1. DOWNLOAD.  The Pledge is available in the toolkit here. 

2. DISPLAY.  If you are a business, post to your website, on the door of your business, or throughout your facility. You can also display the poster for all to see!

3. PROMOTE. Promote your commitment to safety via social media and customer newsletters. You can also include it in your advertising! 


Click below to download the BE SAFE, BE SMART digital assets from the toolkit.


Special Thanks to These Community Partners!

The BE SAFE & BE SMART campaign was developed through a collaborative effort with community partners that include the following:

City of Bentonville

Bentonville Parks & Recreation

Greater Bentonville Chamber of Commerce

Bentonville School District 

Downtown Bentonville, Inc.

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Together we will take the precautions necessary for our community to