2020 Arkansas Bike Summit


AR Bike Summit

The Third Annual Arkansas Bike Summit is going virtual in 2020. With a purpose to increase awareness of best practices from across the globe, on topics relating to advocacy, infrastructure and development, marketing and storytelling, and current cultural trends within the broader cycling community. An opportunity to educate and inspire fellow Arkansans and surrounding regions about the benefits cycling has on a community.


  • Eight weeks of informative content
  • One-hour Zoom sessions every Tuesday / 3 pm (Central) September 1 - October 20
  • Engage with industry leaders, advocates, program developers, and change-makers 


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                Gloria LiuNicole FormosaFrancis Cebedo

                Chris Hensley  Kristy MohnIilonga Thandiwe

​              Kelsey EricksonDr. Michael RoshonChuck Hodge

​              ​Nat TschobanJay PRebecca Rusch

             Kalene Griffith David WrightGery Vernon

             Graham Cobb  Suzanne G

            Jenn DiceMorgan Lommele

Tiffany Seeney – Facebook, Inc. Transportation Manager








           KentSteve Matous


The 2020 Arkansas Bike Summit is an opportunity for Arkansans and cycling enthusiasts from around the world to learn about the essential benefits cycling can bring to their communities.

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