BENTONVILLE, AR (January 3rd, 2023) – Peel Compton Foundation has launched registration for spring and summer camps at Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, The Quiver Archery Range, and Osage Park. Click here to learn more and register.

Coler Spring & Summer Camps:

  • Ages: 8-12, $175/week
  • Spring Dates: March 20th-24th, Summer Dates: June 12th-16th, July 17th-21st
  • This week-long camp is designed to get kids active and outside. Each day will be focused on learning and practicing a new outdoor skill while being immersed in nature at Coler Preserve.

Explore Archery Spring & Summer Camps:

  • Ages: 12-16, $250/week or $60/day
  • Spring Dates: March 21st-25th, 2023, Summer Dates: June 5th-9th, July 10th-14th
  • Hit a bull’s eye by enrolling your teens in Explore Archery at The Quiver! Campers will gain individualized archery experience alongside certified instructors. Each day will include fun new activities and awards!

NEW! Explore Osage Summer Camp:

  • Ages: 8-12, $175/week
  • June 26th-30th, 2023
  • Kids will embark on an exciting, hands-on adventure at Osage Park, exploring the wetlands and learning archery at The Quiver archery range. Peel Compton Foundation’s mission is to connect the community through nature, education, recreation, and preservation. For more information visit