The Harvest Moon only happens once a year and as it lit up the Dardanelle, Arkansas landscape, BMX flatlander Terry Adams leveraged the moon’s low-lying position on the horizon for some spectacular photos. Through the images, he reminded people just how good the South has it when it comes to sports and outdoor exploration.

A southerner by birth, the Hammond, Louisiana native is a legend in the sport of flatland BMX, a sport known for its artistic form of cycling similar to breakdancing on a bike. Adams is regarded as a pioneer of flatland and is known for his superior control and balance. He arrived in Arkansas with street rider, Corey Martinez, to capture this once-a-year moment with local landscape photographer, Jeff Rose. Despite being an X Games medalist and NORA Cup recipient, the Ozarks presented a new challenge for Terry as he navigated riding the 16-by-20-foot platform, mimicking the dancing of the leaves around him.


Article by: By Mike Berard / Published by Red Bull on