Collage of The Preacher's Son, Sunny's, and The Hive

Photos: Sunny's, The Hive, The Preacher's Son

Article by Roger Sands for

Several restaurants in Bentonville, Arkansas are noticing new trends. Sunny’s focuses on foods that come from nature that nurture your mind and body. These offerings include salads, sandwiches and smoothies with add-in options like adaptogens, maca, moringa powder and a turmeric blend.

Neal Gray, Executive Chef at The Preacher’s Son, says, “I see a lot of chefs in our region doubling their efforts to build relationships with local farmers and suppliers during this time. Many chefs are now realizing that their cuisine has greater purpose and flavor when tied to their community in a more meaningful way."

Chef Matt McClure, The Hive, adds, “I feel like there is this new energy in all things “Health & Wellness” that incorporates exercise and diet. People want to feel good and the food they choose to eat impacts that. I have found that ingredients such as kale and lentils have grown in popularity over the years. People are discovering that eating well is not only good for their health but also delicious.”