In our time covering the emergence of gravel riding, we’ve visited a plethora of small towns across the country, some more welcoming of the Lycra clad masses than others, but few as well-equipped and tangibly friendly as we’ve found in Bentonville, Arkansas.

It was hard to explore the town without spotting a cyclist riding to the nearest gravel road or one of the bike paths and trails that criss-cross the city. More-so than the common cyclist sightings and ever-present cycling infrastructure is the number of cycling-themed establishments that dot the downtown district and surrounding streets.

The Meteor, a cafe and coffee shop, was a top choice for a pre-race coffee, while The Pedaler’s Pub and The Hub were a popular choice for an evening aperitivo and post-race meal. Many of the local restaurants offered some sort of cycling related decor.


Posted on October 23, 2022, by Road Bike Action Magazine