When it becomes a wheezer of a chore to blow out the forest of candles on your birthday cake, the next challenge might be to hop on your bike and ride your age in miles.

Biking your age is a big deal for any rider. For a 10-year-old, riding ten miles with mom and dad is a lofty goal. When that birthday cake sports 40, 50 or more candles, biking your age in miles is a healthy way to celebrate. You'll bask in the glow of personal accomplishment, even as your rear might say "job well done."

The Razorback Greenway is the perfect trail to bike one's age. There's no traffic worries, except crossing some busy intersections such as Southeast J Street in Bentonville or U.S. 412 in Springdale. Bike it early on a Sunday and those concerns vanish.

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