Article by: AY


Arkansas is filled with amazing people and places.

Every day, AY About You magazine aims to celebrate the wonderful things that Arkansas has to offer, both in our print magazine and online platforms. We never cease to be astonished at the wealth of subjects to cover, whether it’s a hidden gem restaurant, a new town to visit or someone who has done something extraordinary.

To honor the best-of-the-best in Arkansas, we conducted the 2020 AY Best Of survey. Through this survey, our readers could tell us their favorites, and we would honor them in a special ceremony.

With the help of late night television host James Corden, AY unveiled the winners of the 2020 Best Of survey on Thursday, Aug. 27 in its first-ever virtual ceremony. Neither a pandemic or tropical storm could prevent us from honoring the best people, places and things in Arkansas.

Click here to view winners of the 2020 AY Best Of survey: