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Mark Matthews Finds Gold in Arkansas 

"In Bentonville it isn't just about using the natural landscape to link up fun lines, but creating perfectly shaped trails that seamlessly integrate into the urban landscape. Making them accessible to riders from all walks of life." - Mark Matthews

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Bentonville’s biking rep increases with move of U.S. Mountain Bike National Team to city


3 Days in Bentonville: Mountain Biking the Best Trails

"We’ve come up with a solid 3-day MTB itinerary, though honestly three days isn’t enough time. If you have a more flexible schedule and can spend a whole week in Bentonville, our advice is to do it!" - Jeff Barber for Arkansas Tourism

From Steak to Singletrack: How Bentonville’s Slaughter Pen Trails Helped Carve its Future 

Adventure Cycling

Arkansas High Country Route

Sparkling streams, hills and hollows, shady rivers, mountain views, waterfalls, swimming holes, historic sites, bustling cities – the Arkansas High Country Route has it all. According to local route designer Chuck Campbell, “That route don’t go no where — It just runs around everywhere!” 

Arkansas High Country Route (Northwest Loop)

Introducing the Merman Bicycles Unholy Diver: Fun Forward

Bike Mag

Why Bentonville, AR Paved Some Of Their Trails

International News

On The Bay

Canada - Bikes Rule in Bentonville

Bike Magazine De

Germany - Bike-Boom in Arkansas

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