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Heavy Handed

  • 702 SE 5th
    Bentonville, AR 72712
Artist: Nathan Mabry This massive red sculpture depicts the blocky form of a human hand holding the first two fingers aloft. Depending on your cultural background or position, this gesture could take on a variety of meanings. If viewed from the front, it might signify peace, victory in wartime, or the letter "V" in American Sign Language (ASL). When viewed from the back, it could be an insulting gesture in several countries or the number two in ASL. Sculptor Nathan Mabry creates artwork that often starts with a simple, recognizable gesture or shape: the image of a big red hand with two fingers up might immediately make you think peace sign. But if you take a moment to consider how others might interpret the object, new meanings can emerge. The artist has explained: "I've always been fascinated by the power of the object, and how it relates to personal and collective experiences." His wordplay in the title Heavy Handed refers to the power of multiple meanings-even as it directly describes the object itself: a literally heavy hand, weighing 360 pounds