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Glamping at the Bells

  • 1129 NW J Street
    Bentonville, AR 72712
Iris Beal, a native Arkansan with family roots that go back to when Arkansas was a Territory of the United States, prior to 1836. Iris is a veteran of the United States Air Force and has a diverse work background in technology repair, support and training, behavior analysis, Human Resources, and project management. She is a self-taught artist and has participated in this passion for as long as she can remember. Iris paints Christmas bulbs, pictures and decorative items for family, work celebrations, and friends as a hobby. Glamping at the Bells is the largest painting Iris has done and says it is her greatest creative accomplishment. Located in the White River National Forest near Aspen, Colorado, the two larger peaks of the mural are fourteeners. Maroon Peak, at 4,317 meters (14,163 ft), is the 27th highest peak in Colorado. North Maroon Peak, at 4,273 meters (14,019 ft), is the 50th highest. Their bell-like shape and their red hue at sunset inspired their popular name, the Maroon Bells. Well known for their geometric appeal and easy access points, they are among the most popular destinations in Colorado for sightseeing and photography. In the mural on the far shore of the lake, you can see a camper that adds to the romantic appeal of “Glamping at the Bells.”