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George Washington Supreme

  • 100 NW 2nd Street
    Bentonville, AR 72701
Located between Pressroom and Onyx Coffee at 100 NW 2nd Street. Ashley Longshore George Washington Supreme, 2018 72 x 60 ″ Acrylic on canvas Artist: Ashley Longshore |New Orleans-based mixed-media artist, Ashley Longshore, has been compared to a young, feminist Andy Warhol for her obsession with pop culture figures and brands as well as her relationships with celebrities and billionaire entrepreneurs. From George Washington in a Supreme hoodie to Jesus surrounded in Louis Vuitton to Kate Moss as a nun, Longshore’s paintings, focusing on pop culture, Hollywood glamour, and American consumerism, are never shy of daring – her art makes noise. Dubbed by The New York Times as “Fashion’s Latest Art Darling,” she has emblazoned the path for pop art and fashion to coexist.