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Next Steps Archery NTS Week 3 - Hook and Grip

  • Presented By: The Quiver Archery Range
  • Dates: 4/28/2023
  • Location: the Quiver Archery Range
  • Address: 1701 SW F St
    Bentonville, AR 72712
  • Phone: (479) 250-9814
  • Time: 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
  • Price: 30

Archers will go one step further in their personal archery journey in this Next Steps class. Continue to develop your archery skills with a certified instructor helping you along the way! Every 2 weeks we will be looking at a new topic, learning all 11 of the National Training System's Steps of shooting with in-depth training on each. Feel free to jump into any or all classes to hone your skills, the only limitation is that you will need to attend a range orientation prior to attending a Next Steps Class. (come to hourly or any other program to do this)

Each class will consist of learning stretches, skills, practice through drills, and of course, shooting. We will always try to end on a fun note with a game to help really sink in the skills we are learning.

Week 3 will focus on step 3; Hook and Grip. We will take an indepth journey into hand placement both on the string and on the bow itself. These are the two points of contact between the archer and their equipment so it's important to have them correct before even drawing your bow.

Minimal age: 14

Registration ends 3 days prior to class date

Next Steps Archery NTS Week 3 - Hook and Grip