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Explore Archery- June Summer Camp

  • Presented By: The Quiver Archery Range
  • Dates: 6/6/2023, 6/7/2023, 6/8/2023, 6/9/2023
  • Location: the Quiver Archery Range
  • Address: 1701 SW F St
    Bentonville, AR 72712
  • Phone: (479) 250-9814
  • Time: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Price: 250

Ages 12-16 - $60/day or $250/week
June 5th – 9th (8am-12pm)

Aiming to make your summer break an unforgettable one? Hit a bull's eye by enrolling your teen in Explore Archery Summer Camp at The Quiver! Campers will gain individualized archery experience alongside our certified instructors. Each day will include fun new activities and awards!

Topics covered: Range safety, shooting form, equipment knowledge, shot execution, and scoring. See below for a detailed breakdown of each day.

Sign up for camp as a session or pick the days that work best for you!

Monday - Range Safety Award

Campers will start by learning range safety and stretches that help prevents injuries while practicing archery. Scoring will be introduced and incorporated into some fun games, like Musical Quivers and Wash Out.
Tuesday - Shooting Form Award

Campers will review safety rules and warm up for class. We will focus on further developing form through games highlighting the different shooting steps. They will shoot at a variety of challenging targets and then end the day with an archer edition of Battle Ships.
Wednesday - Equipment Award

Campers will gain a base knowledge of the equipment they are using. They will learn the parts of a recurve bow, a universal compound bow, and their arrows by the end of the day through a fun scavenger hunt and archery games.
Thursday - Shot Execution Award

Campers will focus on fine-tuning the shot process and form practice while developing pacing and rhythm. Throughout the day we will put an archery twist on classic games such as Tic-tac-toe, bingo, balloon popping, and more.
Friday - Scoring Award

Campers will review how to tally scores, what common rules are applied to scoring, and then do our camp tournament! There will be some fun and challenging games to finish up the week before scorecards are turned in and prizes are awarded!

Explore Archery- June Summer Camp