February is Black History Month, a time dedicated to honor the triumphs and struggles of African Americans throughout U.S. History. This year, we celebrate African Americans and the Arts and how Black artists have used art to preserve history and empowerment. 
Black artists continue to serve as change makers in our society through their work and this month we are excited to share how that is represented in our town. Join us in celebrating art and its relationship with empowerment and justice. 
Read on for ideas to expand your knowledge of Black History and art in Bentonville during February and throughout the whole year:

Discover Artwork by Black Artists  

Art is on every corner in this city. From sculptures, murals, paintings, and more, Bentonville is covered. Here’s a list of just a few of the not-to-miss artworks by African Americans on view around Bentonville.
Alongside our public art selection, Bentonville museums have a wide selection of African American art on view. Here’s a selection of artwork from Crystal Bridges Collection: Art by Black Artists, Made before 1960.


Exploring Bentonville this February? Discover the Black History Month celebrations and events that will enrich your understanding of African American heritage. Plan your trip around these events:

Pick up a book

From area bookshops to public libraries, you’ve got options to find new reading material exploring Black History and celebrating Black authors: