Welcome to our new Visit Bentonville YouTube series, Rider Responsibility, hosted by Mountain Bike Hall of Famer, Nat Ross, and brought to you in partnership with Visit Bentonville's bike brand, Bike Bentonville and Bentonville Parks and Recreation! Each episode will provide you will key takeaways for safely enjoying our trails in the Mountain Biking Capital of the World, including the importance of social distancing, how to properly prepare for a ride, respect the landscape - and so much more! 


Nat Episode 1

EPISODE 1 - Five Tips for Social Distancing 
In episode one, Nat Ross shares five social distancing tips from the Outdoor Alliance that will help keep you safe on the trails during COVID-19. Those tips include:

  • Prioritizing the health of others
  • Maintaining 6 feet & riding cautiously 
  • Staying close to home
  • Keeping it chill 
  • Being a good trail steward of the trails



Episode 2 Bike Safety

EPISODE 2 - Before You Go 
In episode two, Nat Ross prepares to ride Slaughter Pen and shares the safety plan you need to check off before hitting the trails in the Mountain Biking Capital of the World

  • ABC’s (Air / Brakes / Chains(
  • Let others know where you are riding 
  • Use local trail maps / bikebentonville.com 
  • Always wear safety gear 
  • Bring supplies & first aid kit 



Rider Responsibility 3

EPISODE 3 - Respect The Landscape 
In episode three, Nat Ross shares the importance of respecting the landscape while riding the trails in Northwest Arkansas. His tips include:

  • Leave no trace
  • Don’t Ride Wet Trails 
  • Keep Single Track Single 



Episode 4

EPISODE 4 - Share the Trail  
In this episode, join Nat Ross at the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve as he shares some key tips on why it's important to share the trails. 



Episode 5

EPISODE 5 - Ride Open, Legal Trails

Nat Ross has a simple but important message! Don't ride closed trails in the Mountain Bike Capital of the World. Watch this episode to find out more. 


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