Written by: Cara Cox - April 20, 2021

We are so excited to host visitors in Bentonville, AR this year! Whether you live in the community, or are visiting, we want EVERYONE to know about ALL of the parking options off of the downtown square. Almost 700 in total!!

A new feature you might notice downtown are the electronic signs around the 21c Museum Hotel and the downtown square, which indicate how many parking spaces are currently available in Lot C off of NE Blake Street

Parking Sign 1

And where is all the other available parking? 


WATCH this video and check out the parking map below to find out!

Video Parking



Lot A- NW 2nd St. (Between NW D St. and NW A St.)                                         

Lot B- N Main St. (Between N Main St. and NE A St.)                         

Lot C- NE B St. (Between NE B St. and NE A St.)

Lot D- NE B St. (Between NE 2nd St. and NE Blake St.)

Lot E- SE 2nd St. (Between SW A St. and N Main St.)

Lot F- SE A St. (Between E Central Ave. and SE 2nd St.) 

Lot G- E Central Ave. (Between E Central Ave. and SE 2nd St.)

Lot H- SW 2nd St. (Between SW 2nd St. and SW Henry St.) 

Lot I- SE 2nd St. & SE A St. (Between N main St. and SE A St.)

Lot J- SW Henry St. (Between SW A St. and N main St.)

Lot 1 - (Between NW 2nd St and NW 3rd St)

Lot 2 - (Between NE 2nd St. and E. Central Ave)



Parking Map 2


There’s plenty of parking options for you, family, and friends! 

To plan your trip, CLICK HERE!

We hope to see you soon!