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Autumn’s cooler temperatures and magnificent colors present a wonderful opportunity to find a destination that truly offers something for everyone. Bentonville, Arkansas, has established itself as that rare vacation spot that has it all: Exceptional art and culture attractions, breathtaking natural beauty, and a collection of culinary gems that has few rivals.    

Nestled in the nation’s heartland, the OZ region offers incomparable cultural, culinary, and natural wonders that make it a perfect spot for families to bond – and adventure seekers to explore. FLY OZ™OZ Art NWA, and OZ Trails are just a few parts of what makes OZ unforgettable.  

Bentonville at a glance

The weather in Bentonville is comparatively mild, especially in the autumn months. The average high temperature is about 81 degrees in September, 68 degrees in October, and averages in the mid-to-upper 50s throughout November. The average number of sunshine days per month is about 15 in September, 18 in October, and 19 in November, meaning outdoor lovers will have ample opportunity to enjoy their favorite activities in the autumn sun.   

Bentonville is hard to beat when it comes to accessibility from all directions. Located in the middle of the country, the city is about a three-hour drive from Kansas City, a nine-and-a-half-hour trip from the Chicago area, under five hours from Memphis, and about five-and-a-half hours from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  

A cornerstone of the Natural State

The city’s title of “Mountain Biking Capital of the World” is a well-earned moniker. The OZ Trails include a network of shared-use trails of about 500 miles of rugged terrain surrounded by the natural wonders exclusive to the Ozarks. From pitchy climbs and bumpy descents to jumps and tricks on breakaway singletrack, the trails of the Bentonville area offer thrilling, challenging rides. But you don’t have to be a mountain bike rider to enjoy the trails. Whether it’s an adrenaline rush or relaxing walk, OZ Trails provide something for everyone.  

The OZ Trails also offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combines the area’s natural beauty with exclusive works of art. Bentonville’s public art program features 100 sculptures and installments that pop up along trails, on the sides of buildings, and in some surprising places. Find out more at OZArtNWA

But you don’t need two or four wheels to immerse yourself in art. A stroll around downtown leads to colorful murals, neon art, and sculptures around every corner. Explore parks and gardens within walking distance of downtown for even more discoveries.  

Updated OZ Art MapUpdated OZ Art Map

Exclusive art and culture

The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is known the world over not just for its incredible exhibits, but also the natural beauty that sounds what is truly an architectural marvel. The museum is nestled in a beautiful 120-acre park that features striking sculptures, a natural spring, and breathtaking walking trails that link the park to downtown Bentonville. A series of pavilions dot the landscape that features two spring-fed ponds, house galleries, meeting and classroom spaces, and a large, glass-enclosed gathering hall.  

Established in 2011, the museum’s permanent collection spans five centuries from early American history to the highest quality works by artists underrepresented in art history and conventional frameworks.  

In 2020, Crystal Bridges opened a satellite contemporary multi-disciplinary space in downtown Bentonville called The Momentary. Its trademark “You belong here” neon sign sums up the sentiment that art is for everyone to enjoy. The Momentary has already established itself as a key cultural component of the OZ experience, as it features the best in visual and performing arts, culinary experiences, festivals, and artists-in-residence offering dynamic programs and experiences.  

Culinary masterpieces served up with style

Bentonville’s culinary scene has earned a sterling reputation for versatility and quality, as it features establishments offering down-home, heartland options alongside others that feature more exotic fare. Despite the variation in style, they all have in common a commitment to giving their customers exceptional service, an inviting atmosphere, and quality cuisine that truly compliments the full Bentonville experience.  

The Wall Street Journal once named the city as one of its up-and-coming culinary scenes. Local chefs are masters of adjusting menus to the harvest changes, and farm-to-table culture is a large influence on the city’s collaborative culinary scene. The mild weather of fall also provides for a perfect outdoor dining experience, which is another hallmark of many local culinary institutions.  

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