World's First Electric Unicycle Games in Bentonville, Arkansas

Amped Electric Games

Mark your calendars! This Labor Day Weekend, September 2-4th, 2022, the Amped Electric Games is bringing the exciting world of electric unicycle jumping and racing to Bentonville, Arkansas! 

Electric Unicycles (EUC) are self-balancing transportation devices that operate similar to the Segway, with one tire and no steering mechanism, keeping riders' hands-free and allowing them to turn in place. Like the Segway, all control is determined by the riders’ leaning and pivoting.

Bentonville, Arkansas is home to world-class mountain bike trails, which EUC riders covet, making it one of the main reasons the city was selected as the host venue. 

The three-day-long event will take place at the Benton County Fair Grounds - hosting over 60 booths featuring all of the major EUC manufacturers including Begode, Inmotion, and King Song. Major EUC vendors such as RevRides, eWheels, Free Motion Shop, and Alien Riders are also expected to participate. Exhibitors from crossover industries such as downhill mountain biking, BMX, and skateboarding are also invited to attend the event. Booths will be available at

In addition to attending the events, riders will also have the opportunity to compete at “The Thunder Dome” a dual downhill slalom at Peel Compton Foundation’s Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. There will be limited space for spectators, but all of the races and events will be live-streamed on the Amped Electric Games YouTube channel.   

There will be 15 riders from around the world making their way to Northwest Arkansas to participate in the event. Participant riders are invited to purchase tickets and bring their electric unicycles to compete. Spectators will be able to purchase tickets from the Amped Electric Games website. Whether you ride or watch, this event is bound to provide the thrill of a lifetime! Plan your trip to visit Bentonville & experience the world's first Electric Unicycle Games today! 

If you are interested in learning more about Amped Electric Games, CLICK HERE and check out an interview with James Bell with the Bentonville Chamber of Commerce!


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